Thursday, October 13, 2016

Presidential Stress!

According to a recent Pew Research Poll, over 55% of the American Electorate are experiencing stress and anxiety about the upcoming Presidential Election, saying they were “disgusted”. Even worse, over 70% said Trump would make them nervous, if elected, and over 50% for Clinton.

My, what a lovely mess we have gotten ourselves in! It is hard to believe that with all the talented people we have in the US that Clinton and Trump are the best we can put forward for the next Presidency. And with these high numbers of disapproval, it only gets worse once the new President is in office.

So, the majority of us are going to be disappointed with whoever wins and if Trump gets in, watch out Military, because he could get us into to some serious trouble globally with his “off the cuff” remarks.

What are we supposed to do about this? Are we to live in constant stress and anxiety for the next four years? Do we now start our routine presidential stress management programs to help defend us and cope?

What we need to do is just be good Americans and “keep our cool”. Since we create our own stress with our thoughts, the best strategy is to “rethink” our feelings and just let them go. We will not help ourselves or others once the newly elected President takes office. We will not change anything once that happens.

However, it is imperative that each person support the candidate of their choice and to vote. Once that is done, our work should be devoted to finding  capable people to represent this great country.

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