Friday, June 12, 2009

It's always something!

Balance, and the effort to achieve it, are probably the most difficult challenges we all face in an effort to achieve peace of mind and contentment. There are so many constantly changing variables which can distract and derail even the most diligent and concentrated of folks around.
We have our health; finances; family and friend relationships; work environment; education; environmental factors; home and transportation maintenance; among the many that are constantly tugging at us with new and old conflicts. Just when you feel you have tamed the proverbial beast of tasks, something new pops up, sometimes unexpectedly. Even when you feel you may have mastery over these basic life conditions and you sit down to relax and bask in your achievement, it is invariable that something else will break down. It is during these seemingly tranquil moments when tragedy can creep in and devastate your world. The late night call of a family member dying in a wreck or your spouse announcing a divorce out of the blue or your spouse announcing they are gay and leaving you for one of the same can take your breath away and leave you shaken and totally out of balance.
So, is this the master plan? Are we never supposed to achieve bliss by getting our ducks in a row? Are we destined to continually struggle through life, never to achieve nirvana?
Although it seems so, maybe the lesson is we should never rest on our laurels and always work for personal growth. When you get complacent, there is also the tendency to get lazy and to readily accept the status quo. It is the growing up and out that is enlightening and fulfilling, learning wisdom along the way through the trials and errors of achievement and failure.
You can insure yourself of a stress less life through the satisfaction that you have recognized and accepted that these are the day to day obstacles we all face, and to be grateful with your situation, whatever it is, since there are always others with greater challenges than you. Sometimes it is not fair, but that is life, and you just have to learn to accept it or change it, if you think you can.
Everyone who walks into your office every day or who you see on the streets, started their day in the same basic way that you did, but they have different baggage they are carrying. Some are dealing with the threat of losing their home, life, job, relative, or maybe even their mind. They may have had a knock down drag out fight with their family member or were told bad news about their kids being suspended from shool, etc. You just don't know, but one thing is certain, we all head into the day with tremendous issues we are confronting and different attitudes on how to approach them. The ones with a realistic, positive approach to addressing their issues will be more physically and mentally prepared and will have their expectations firmly planted in reality.
Some will not, and will blame the world for their problems and wonder why nothing ever works out for them. If they could only re-frame their thinking into a new world view and realize that since the beginning of man, our efforts to balance the world we live in is a never ending, constantly changing challange.
We have to continue to try and achieve this balance, even though we know our efforts will always be required, since there is no finish line to life! Get your mind in the right place to take on the day.
"It's amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape!"
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