Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Terror Alert-Do What?

As if we don't have enough stress and anxiety with our daily existence to deal with, we now have to contend with the National Terror alerts put out daily by the Homeland Security Agency. They range from Low to Severe attached with different colors, with, as you guessed it, Green for Low and Red for High.

For some time, we laughed in amusement at this effort to inform or scare us, since there was no follow up explanation for what do we do when it starts to get towards Red? It was meaningless and required no action from us so why are they telling us? Well, if you do some research, FEMA and Homeland Security have posted different actions for each level of concern. It is very practical and once you review the suggestions, it makes good sense.

In essence, they treat the terror alerts much like a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, etc.) First make sure you have personal first aid/supply kits for your home to battle the no electricity/water issue and how to turn them off. Then you develop a "family plan" for the emergency and let everyone involved know what is expected of them. Know how to contact local agencies to keep informed of the situation and review alternate routes from those you normally take to work or play. Offer yourself for volunteer work and learn CPR and first aid.
Monitor your neighbors and be observant of suspicious activity in your area.

Just like good stress management, being prepared and organized up front will reduce the stress and anxiety, when and if something might occur.

So when the Terror alerts start to go up, ask yourself if you have everything organized and ready just in case? If not, which we are sure most would respond, then put it at the top of your "To do" list and make it happen.

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