Monday, July 9, 2007

Prayer vs. Meditation

Prayer vs. Meditation?

Both! Prayer and Meditation are two distinct mind/body procedures which help individually and collectively.

Prayer is your personal communication with your higher power. It is your own unique way to get in touch with your spiritual side and can take many forms from appealing and wishing to just plain conversation. As you strive to get in touch with this powerful force, you will change your thinking and ways of communicating as you grow to better understand this divine connection with the almighty.

Meditation is a technique that helps you slow down your "monkey brain" that is talking to you all day and night. It is a process that helps bring together the mind, body, and spirit and to neutralize the chatter in your mind to help bring peace and contentment. It is a great way to help slow down your system and to reduce blood pressure.

Together, prayer and meditation combine to create a great sense of calm and respect for the human mind as it tries to relate to the infinite mind.

Start to incorporate these stress reducing techniques into your day to day living and see your stress levels decline along with your blood pressure while your connections with the world increase.

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