Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meditation is Free Health

Meditation is the best health producing behavior you can incorporate into your stress management tool bag!
The health benefits from this free exercise are quite astounding when compared to other drugs and procedures. When you practice meditation regularly, you lower your heart rate and breathing; blood pressure stabilizes; there is more efficient use of oxygen; and there is less sweat. The adrenal glands (on kidneys) produce less cortisol, (adrenaline and noradrenaline); and your system generates positive hormones; the body ages at a slower rate; and your immune function improves. Your mind is cleared up and your creativity increases. People who meditate regularly find it easier to give up life defeating habits like smoking, drinking and drugs.
With all these benefits, it is hard to understand why everyone is not engaged in meditation. But, the simple fact is the majority of people are either not interested, think it is "new age" mumbo jumbo, or are just too busy to fit it into their "busy" schedule.
Try to incorporate meditation into your life and enjoy not only the tremendous health benefits, but a more peaceful, less chattered mind which will reduce your stress and anxiety.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stress Less Moment

Just like you schedule time every morning to brush your teeth, shave, take a shower, put on makeup, etc., you need to set aside 20-30 minutes or more for a
"Stress Less Moment". This is the time where you seclude yourself into a room with no noise, distractions, phones, or potential interruptions. You sit in a comfortable chair or sit on a floor mat and meditate. After you meditate, you visualize your day and your potential accomplishments and establish a positive mental framework. Cognitive behavior techniques, prayer, and breathing exercises are all part of your arsenal to use to get in the right mindset for the day.
People complain that the reason they don't exercise or eat properly is due to lack of time. However, just as brushing your teeth not only feels good and is socially pleasing, it helps to prevent decay and bad gums. Think of your 'moment' doing the same thing, only for your mind and positive mental health. It is your mind that controls your thoughts and you control your mind. Thoughts turn into feelings and action. The more your see positive mental pictures ahead of you, the more they will occur and the fewer negative thoughts will try to invade your space.
You make time for your teeth because it is important. Do the same for your mind!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Terror Alert-Do What?

As if we don't have enough stress and anxiety with our daily existence to deal with, we now have to contend with the National Terror alerts put out daily by the Homeland Security Agency. They range from Low to Severe attached with different colors, with, as you guessed it, Green for Low and Red for High.

For some time, we laughed in amusement at this effort to inform or scare us, since there was no follow up explanation for what do we do when it starts to get towards Red? It was meaningless and required no action from us so why are they telling us? Well, if you do some research, FEMA and Homeland Security have posted different actions for each level of concern. It is very practical and once you review the suggestions, it makes good sense.

In essence, they treat the terror alerts much like a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, etc.) First make sure you have personal first aid/supply kits for your home to battle the no electricity/water issue and how to turn them off. Then you develop a "family plan" for the emergency and let everyone involved know what is expected of them. Know how to contact local agencies to keep informed of the situation and review alternate routes from those you normally take to work or play. Offer yourself for volunteer work and learn CPR and first aid.
Monitor your neighbors and be observant of suspicious activity in your area.

Just like good stress management, being prepared and organized up front will reduce the stress and anxiety, when and if something might occur.

So when the Terror alerts start to go up, ask yourself if you have everything organized and ready just in case? If not, which we are sure most would respond, then put it at the top of your "To do" list and make it happen.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Allocating Stress

A recent stress poll on the Internet representing over 3,000 responses asked people," What area of your life causes you the most stress on a regular basis?"
"My job" was 30%; "My finances" 20%;"My relationships" 20%; "My children" 10%;"School" 10%;"Other" 10%. The answers pretty much fall into a typical response pattern among all surveys when you try to categorize stress. However, the stress you have at home when you have an argument with a loved one is carried into the office/school/etc. and can be compounded. So, is the correct answer that your stress is created in your relationship or at work or both? Does it matter?
We think it does and here's why. One of the first things you need to do in proper stress management it to uncover the stressor(s) that are helping to cause your irritation or stress level. If the truth is your finances are causing you and your partner to argue at home and this leads to you being short with co-workers, then the finances are the stressors that need attention and not necessarily your interpersonal relationship with your co-workers.
So, when looking at these research reports about where most people's stress is coming from, we look with a crooked eye since there is so much crossover amongst the common areas of stress producing events and opportunities. Finding the original source of conflict is the key to reducing stress across all areas of your life. One of the challenges of corporate stress management is working with your employees to reduce the stressors of the workplace, taking in mind that many, if not most, of the issues may have originated at home or elsewhere.
We are all stress carriers to some degree, but need to be mindful that the original source of stress is what we need to focus on for maximum benefit and resolution of the problem.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Self Induced Stress Syndrome

As we say, there really is not a layer of stress in the universe, only that which our thoughts create. The more you learn to control your thinking, the less stress you will experience. Can you be stress free? Probably not, and you would not want to be stress free. We need stress to keep us attentive to issues and to stay keen for problem solving, business and family needs, etc. However, much of the stress we create, has been self inflicted and is preventable.
For instance, if we do not plan ahead, we always get in trouble. If we try to travel without clear instructions and or a map, we will get lost. If we do not organize our desk, home, closet, drawers, bank account, etc., we will experience problems which could have been prevented with proper planning. How many times have you had to be somewhere at a certain time and could not find your keys, watch, glasses, map, etc ? If you are like most of us, it is a recurring problem, which again could be prevented by planning/organizing/listing, etc.
So you see, much of the stress and angst that your experience is directly attributable to you and lack of proper planning and organization.
To work toward a more organized and stress less you, try making lists of things you need; set up specific areas where things go so you can find your glasses, keys, etc. Prioritize your "To do" list
so you tackle the most important things first and not worry about the less important things.
It requires discipline, but will pay big dividends and result in less stress for all.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stress Management is Health Management

The four fundamental stress management principles we subscribe to are plain old health management principles. This may be why so many people claim to be stressed out and having health problems due to stress (41%), since very few practice these skills.
Exercise, proper diet/nutrition, relaxation, and cognitive change (right thinking) are the core stress management principles we coach and they are the same for healthy living and preventative maintenance. Stress management may emphasize the mind/body areas more since the mind controls all thoughts and feelings, but the approach is the same.
So, if you can be healthier and reduce your stress by applying this principles, why don't more people do them? We think people are just basically lazy and our entire western economy is based on developing products that make your life easier. Just take a pill or tune out. Divert your thinking and it will go away. Unfortunately, this will work in the short term, but without fail, will bring disaster to those that disregard this advice.
Think about people you know who all of sudden have discovered walking or proper diet/nutrition after their arteries were clogged or their heart stopped. They are now converts, but before, they could have cared less. But, even then, study after study shows that people who have had open heart surgery will not stop eating fatty foods. I know one that was close to me-my father. After his surgery, he continued to go to Hardee's to eat the sausage and egg biscuit, even knowing the exact calorie/fat content!
Behavior change is hard after a "wake up" call, but even harder when you have to have self motivation to begin a stress/health program.
Don't wait until the system stops or backs up on you. Get moving in the right direction because you will feel better, look better, and your system will run better and longer if you do. If you don't, then it is only a matter of time until you will get out your wallet and your crying towel with "what if" scenarios.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Prayer vs. Meditation

Prayer vs. Meditation?

Both! Prayer and Meditation are two distinct mind/body procedures which help individually and collectively.

Prayer is your personal communication with your higher power. It is your own unique way to get in touch with your spiritual side and can take many forms from appealing and wishing to just plain conversation. As you strive to get in touch with this powerful force, you will change your thinking and ways of communicating as you grow to better understand this divine connection with the almighty.

Meditation is a technique that helps you slow down your "monkey brain" that is talking to you all day and night. It is a process that helps bring together the mind, body, and spirit and to neutralize the chatter in your mind to help bring peace and contentment. It is a great way to help slow down your system and to reduce blood pressure.

Together, prayer and meditation combine to create a great sense of calm and respect for the human mind as it tries to relate to the infinite mind.

Start to incorporate these stress reducing techniques into your day to day living and see your stress levels decline along with your blood pressure while your connections with the world increase.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Change the world!

Everyone of us lives in our "own little world" where we have created the reality that fits our personality and needs. We see the real world through filters of belief systems, prejudices, likes/dislikes, etc. So, to some degree, we are all different based on what criteria we have selected to view the real world.

The fact that constant change is a guarantee in life, we have to adjust to these changes, whether we want to or not. Those that bury their heads in the sand, can escape for awhile, but reality will eventually catch up with them. It is the anticipation that things will change, with or without us, marks the difference between a well adjusted individual, and those that refuse to grow up or realize they need to move with the flow.

And, we all have people we don't like or those we like who we wish would change their behavior or ways of doing or seeing things. However, the reality is you will not the change the other person, you will only be successful by changing yourself. If we all concentrated on our own self's to improve and change in a flexible manner, then much of the dissension and angst of living among other humans would dissipate.

To really change the world, you need to focus on yourself, not your fellow human being, friend, or family member. If they annoy you, change your thinking about them or the habit you despise.

Change your pattern of dealing with them when they begin to annoy you, whether it is spending less time around them, diverting the activity or environment, or just plain avoidance.

Try it. It works. And it can be applied to family, work, or social situations. You are the commander of your ship, so set sail for less choppy seas by concentrating on the wheel of your boat and not the other guy or girl.

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