Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Plastic Minds

New research confirms the demise of the old way of thinking, which was you lose your brain cells and mind expansion stops after time. Your brain and wiring are fixed. Not so.

'Brain plasticity' is the new mantra and it means your thoughts create new neuronal pathways to permanently change your mind. It is why psychotherapy works as well as drugs..they both change the way the chemicals and electricity flow in your mind, correcting
flaws. Stress, anxiety, and depression can be treated by cognitive behaviorial therapy which will help you change your thinking and the way your see and perceive your world.

It sounds easy and inexpensive and it is. However, it takes personal commitment to spend the time and energy to apply these techniques which fights the 'pill' mentality in our society. The unbelievable long term benefits that can be accured from learning relaxation techiques and meditation are immeasurable. Yet, people opt for either doing nothing or selecting poor choices to combat stress and anxiety.

What needs to be done to educate folks to the new way of living a greatly improved mental state of mind? Why is there such resistance? It really does not make sense when you have the power to control your thoughts and feelings to the better and you choose to feel bad or zone out on drugs.

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Inaugural Post

We are just getting started in the blog arena and will need to cut our teeth a little before we get our sea wings.

However, we do want to come out strong with the statement that there is no stress that exists out there-it is only what you generate in your thoughts! Think about it. How you react and interpret situations determines your stress levels. But the big problem is everyone seems to be stressed, and some with legitimate conditions, however, very few ever do anything to constructively deal with their stress. Why is that? Maybe because the entire opulation is overweight or obese. Does anyone not know that eating while not exercising will add pounds? Sure they do, but they do it anyway.

Why do heart surgery patients fail to heed doctors' advice and still eat unhealthy, cholesterol rich foods? Because human behavior is the hardest thing to change in the universe! People are lazy and look for the lowest common denominator, not the road less traveled. Strange but true. We can talk ourselves silly with logical arguments to prevent physical conditions resulting from stress, but the human mind, particularly the western conditioned mind, wants it their way, when they want it, and health can suffer, even if it means death.

The only way to win the battle of conversion to sanity and health prevention is to convince folks it is all in their heads and they are the captains of their destiny. Your choice.
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