Friday, June 8, 2007


Balance is the holy grail of stress management because you are keeping health, wealth, and relationships in sync with each other creating the greatest likelihood for happiness. The number of people who can achieve this is limited and the amount of time it can be sustained is also precarious. When it is all going in the right direction, there is a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction with life. However, when one of the wheels fall off, which will invariably happen, then the imbalance can throw off the best of them.

It certainly is the ultimate goal and one that requires a tremendous amount of effort and diligence, which is why most folks never get there. It is just to too hard and time consuming with delayed gratification. Rather drink, smoke,sleep, or drug myself into withdrawal.

The question is, if you do want to pursue the holy grail, what is best way to go about it? There are no pat answers since each of us are unique in how we approach the world. Values vary where some like physical fitness and some are relationship driven people and then there are the money hungry. There also is a lot of "when I ______________", I will get in shape or make money or mend my family, work, or friend relationships, or whatever". We do know that without your health, none of the other balance points can be achieved effectively. And without money, you can't tackle the other items. So, you have somewhat of a dilemma.

Our best advice is to begin all 3 in slow doses and work your way up. Exercise and health programs should start with a moderate regimen and work up with the important point of regular exercise. Health also involves eating properly and sleeping sufficiently. Wealth is relative but meeting one's basic needs is a start. And relationships take mend old fences and to broaden your current circle. Forgiveness is the best medicine we can give and will free your mind up to more possibilities.

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