Friday, July 13, 2007

Self Induced Stress Syndrome

As we say, there really is not a layer of stress in the universe, only that which our thoughts create. The more you learn to control your thinking, the less stress you will experience. Can you be stress free? Probably not, and you would not want to be stress free. We need stress to keep us attentive to issues and to stay keen for problem solving, business and family needs, etc. However, much of the stress we create, has been self inflicted and is preventable.
For instance, if we do not plan ahead, we always get in trouble. If we try to travel without clear instructions and or a map, we will get lost. If we do not organize our desk, home, closet, drawers, bank account, etc., we will experience problems which could have been prevented with proper planning. How many times have you had to be somewhere at a certain time and could not find your keys, watch, glasses, map, etc ? If you are like most of us, it is a recurring problem, which again could be prevented by planning/organizing/listing, etc.
So you see, much of the stress and angst that your experience is directly attributable to you and lack of proper planning and organization.
To work toward a more organized and stress less you, try making lists of things you need; set up specific areas where things go so you can find your glasses, keys, etc. Prioritize your "To do" list
so you tackle the most important things first and not worry about the less important things.
It requires discipline, but will pay big dividends and result in less stress for all.
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