Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mind Power

Oh, the awesome power of the mind and how little people know about their ability to control everything they see and do. It is the folks who figure out how to work the mind that get ahead and get comfortable with life. Those who don't, continue to go through the repeated mistakes of their past which has been programmed into them.

It is literally sitting on your shoulders ready for you to take charge and make things happen. It is not real hard, just requires some effort and tenacity and you can create a heaven on earth as Milton was want to say. So why do the vast majority of people do nothing or remain in negative territory?

Well, some explanations can be given for laziness, lack of willpower, and maybe ignorance. However, the information is being broadcast every day over the net for those that are interested. But, maybe the status quo is good enough and folks believe that where they are in life is just as it is supposed to be. After all, isn't everyone in the same boat? Aren't we all feed up with politics, war, and stupid people? Aren't we all depressed, hate our jobs and yell people who cut you off while driving?

Recent research is confirming the power of the mind and how positive thinking, gratitude, and benevolence actually help you feel better and change your brain chemicals. Is this God saying thanks or is this part of the secret of living right? The answer is not as important as the effort to change your thinking and get into the "feeling good" mode. It is yours to lose!

"It's amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape"tm

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