Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Watch out for the Pope-mobile!

Road Rage has now seeped into the Vatican as one of man's many vices with the issuance of the 10 commandments of how not to act in traffic or "what would Jesus do" when confronted with Road Rage?

Who among us has not secretly wished to annihilate the bastard that cuts you off while talking on his cell phone driving a high and mighty BMW? It is a common feeling which calls for restraint.

However, why haven't the marketing folks invented "Road Rage" equalizers that can dispel this poisonous venom while offering some sort of justice? How about a harmless paint gun with different colors representing various misdeeds inflicted by the perpetrator? Like red for cut in front of me; yellow for talking carelessly on the phone; pink for driving too fast; etc. The handheld gun could shoot 50 yards, not cause harm to the car, and wash off in 24 hours. This would be the equivalent of the Scarlet letter for the road violators and put all others on notice to watch out for this guy. They would not know what hit them until they stopped. Sounds inviting!

Until the products hit the market, we are left with our own wits to deal with the situation and the only counsel we can provide is to breathe deeply, count to 10 and forgive to other guy. Everything else results in needless and constant frustration, angst, and high blood pressure.

Let it go since you are not going to change this persons' behavior and probably never see them again. Concentrate on your good driving skills and set an example. Now of course, if the person is wreck less driving, DUI, etc., then report to police or 911. But overall, road rage is created by a non-caring individual who feels that they own the road and everyone else be damned. Those who believe in fair play and the rules will be offended by this, but retribution is the worst alternative since it generally ends in frustration or worse.

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