Monday, October 12, 2020


Recession Stress!

Let's face it, we are all in the same sinking boat. But just like anything in life, some of us have more obstacles thrown our way than others. Wherever you fit, you are not alone, and nobody has a good idea how long this economic 'tidal wave' is going to continue. So, what are some positive ways you can deal with it?

The first thing to do is quantify your situation and make a realistic assessment of your personal financial balance sheet. This will tell you, in no uncertain terms, what you need to do to keep your assets from becoming liabilities. Develop a "bare bones" budget, trim the fat, and cut unnecessary expenses.

Secondly, face the situation with a determined attitude that you will do everything in your power to survive. If you think and believe you can, you will succeed. Be positive and accept the fact that although life is tough enough, this recession is going to be temporary and will require some added strength of will and perseverance to get through it. Know that everyone faces the same situation, to some degree, and we are all trying to make it through.

Third, wake up every day and set aside quiet time to pray and meditate on your game plan. Use Guided Imagery to visualize your planned outcome and see yourself actually there, functioning in your new environment. Change is guaranteed. Embrace the change and be a catalyst for it.

Try to sleep and exercise regularly. Socialize, talk to family and friends, go to a coffee shop or grocery store and chat with folks. They are as scared and uncertain as you, but everyone likes to have someone to socialize and talk with.

Fourth, limit your media exposure to just key information and don't dwell on the constant negative news, it just reinforces the bad aspects of the recession.

Dust off your old hobby and get involved in a new project or pull out the "to-do" list and make things happen around the house for improvements. This will help you with your confidence and provide satisfaction that you have completed a worthwhile project, plus it will lessen your load of things to do. This accomplishment will add confidence to your mental arsenal.

Volunteer to help others and offer whatever you can of yourself or your things, including money, if you can afford it. Giving feels good and helps others. There may be someone on another level that will help you where they can. It becomes a self fulfilling mechanism to circulate positive energy and underscores that, we as humans, need other people to exist.

Some people have lost their jobs, some their houses, and some both! Although this is tragic, it is not the end. Accept the losses as happenstance and don't blame yourself. What you don't want to do is lose your health, both mental or body. For without your health, you are unable to do anything about your circumstances. There is a reason airlines instruct adult passengers to be the first to put on and use the oxygen mask before the kids. Kids are incapable of doing this themselves and rely on the adults or the healthy ones to be able to breathe. When you are incapable to put on a mask, you might die, and the same can be said for being in good health to weather the recession storm. need your health to survive.

Understand that life is change and you are now experiencing fundamental societal and lifestyle changes that will probably be permanent. Adjust and keep flexible. It might be the best thing that ever happened to you when it is over.

Houses and jobs are replaceable... loved ones are not. Protect your family and work together to develop a plan that all understand their roles in making it happen. Communicate constantly, both the good and bad, so everyone knows where they and the group stands. Very important!

Your fear is based on what may have happened in the past or what you think the future holds for you. Live in the present and try to change what is in your world right now. Don't dwell on past failures or situations. They are history. The future is not here and it does no good to worry about it. Recognize you have a right and the capability to mold your future with your game plan. Make it happen!

Keep diligent. Don't give up. Think positive thoughts and give it your best effort. You will not be disappointed. The recession will end and you will be the better for it, after it is over, if you commit today to your plan.

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