Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"If you think you can or you think you can't-You are right!"

 This famous quote from Henry Ford is spot on. We all live in a world of beliefs
and some, if not all, are founded on false assumptions. 

To date, there has never been verifiable proof that Ghosts,UFO's/Aliens,God,Unicorns, and Life after death exist. 
Yet,45% believe in Ghosts (Huffington Post), 36% believe in UFO's and 77% believe Aliens have visited earth (Ntl. Geographic),74% believe in God (Harris Poll), and 6% believe in Unicorns.All of these beliefs are hard to understand and justify considering there is no solid evidence to support them.It is all based on faith and they are all very real to the believers.

So, if you are experiencing sever stress, anxiety, or depression, then it is time to ramp up your belief system and tell yourself that you are a victim to a wayward, misguided mind. You are going to take over from here and heal your thinking with positive affirmations.

Our slogan hits right to the core of mental illness- "It's amazing how good you can feel when your mind is in shape"®

Let's take your treatment to the next level and you be in control of your thoughts, because thoughts have feelings and only the positive thoughts will help you conquer your fears and unfounded beliefs.

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