Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stress Management is Personal Improvement!

Stress Management is all about personal improvement and one's motivation to change their lifestyle for the better. We all know we are all stressed out at work and home with money, relationship issues topping the charts for cause and effect.
To our surprise, the majority of folks wear their stress as a "badge" to let everyone else know how bad it is for them getting attention and sympathy. However, those that want to reduce stress and their life, will "get it" that it takes a major, personal commitment to engage in stress reduction activities.
Let's see, they involve getting exercise,eating right, learning how or taking the time to relax and detach, and changing their thinking. All of these take concentration,effort, trial and error, and long term change which is what the vast majority will not do. Why? Generally, because it takes effort and discipline which people do not want to engage in. It is much easier to watch tv than the walk or jog. A good hamburger and fries tastes a lot better that baked fish and greens.
So, the reality is that for the people of the world to reduce stress and learn how to life better and longer lives, they must pass the threshold of the benefit of short term pleasure to long term satisfaction. It is a process and needs to be ingrained into the fabric of your existence that planning the 4 step process of exercise,eating right,relaxation, and mind change is a life long pursuit that will pay off in spades. But first, you have to convince yourself!
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