Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Angst

Here we are, 24 hours from a new United States president, and it seems everyone in the world is in angst of the most contentious mudslinging campaign in US history. It is downright embarrassing for US citizens who deserve better candidates to lead our nation.

Neither side can really “win” knowing that all semblance of maturity and decorum were tossed out the window two years ago when the campaigning began in earnest. The lies, scandals, name calling, and innuendo were like two prize fighters going the full 10 rounds trying to demolish their opponents. Yet from the voter’s viewpoint, it was like two criminals exposing their intimate personal details and hoping they came out slightly ahead of their opponent. Utterly disgusting and unwarranted.
One can only hope that this universally observed and condemned behavior will create a more conscious and civil political system that will work for the common good to achieve a fair and just governmental process/system.

Whoever wins will need to make their first priority a nation healing civility campaign and lead the charge for cooperation and compromise in the Senate and House. Nothing in this campaign has a place in future US politics. Both the Democratic and Republican parties need to set up decency standards for all their members and have strict rules of conduct to avoid this embarrassment again.

It has been an extraordinarily stressful and anxiety riddled campaign that we all wish had never happened and hopefully will never happen again. This will also come down to the electorate to insist on new rules of conduct in the election and campaigning process and to hold their respective parties “feet to the fire”. The US has created its own “black eye” in this fight and needs to get involved to make sure we raise the bar on election politics and “negative” campaigning.

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