Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Connection is key!

Most Americans report that they believe in God (The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows that 91 percent of American adults surveyed believe in God--and nearly half reject the theory of evolution) and 81 % believe in Heaven. However, only about 35% claim to attend church regularly which could translate to nearly 60% of Americans practicing their faith, primarily on their own terms. But, in reality, we know that there is not a lot of active participation and practicing going on and much of what is reported is just lip service to the interviewer or self justification that the person is righteous.

All of this is not important by itself, since each citizen has the right to practice any religion, anytime, and anyway they want, even non-believers. But, what is important, is that each person strives to have a personal relationship with their god or higher power.

The 'holy spirit' is hard wired into our brains, and when we are able to reach a level of communication and comfort with this omnipotent power, your world view changes and you begin to understand the syncronicity of the universe. The beauty and awesome miracle of life and how it is intertwined amongst all animal and plant kingdoms. Scientists say if the earth was tilted 2 degrees more that it is, the entire ecosystem would collapse!

Your connection is the most inspiring and important stress management tool you can call up, since your understanding, connection and spiritual relationship will help you immensely in sudden crises and just as importantly, in everyday happenings. It helps to see that we are all alike and struggle with the same things in life. When catastrophe hits, you can put it into proper context knowing the odds of the universe are somewhat mathematical and it can happen to you, not just the other guy.

They refer to it as a spiritual journey and it is. The more you seek, the more you understand and the more your belief system will change to greater wisdom and comprehension of the infinite possibilities that exist.

Spirituality is probably the single greatest stress management tool you can put in your toolbox.
It gives meaning to life and a deep connection to a wonderful source of compassion and understanding.

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