Monday, December 21, 2020

 47% not satisfied with work!

A recent poll found that one half of all workers are not happy at their chosen field of work. This is disturbing news and underscores how work can be considered the number one stressor in people's lives. If you loved your work, you still are going to have stressful situations with people, deadlines, clients, etc. But, to go to work each day dreading the time you spend, it is no wonder it becomes even more stressful that it has to be.
You lack motivation, excitement for your tasks and co-workers, and are constantly thinking about how to move on to something better or the 'grass is greener' syndrome. Some people are never happy, but when you have one half of the working population saying they are not happy, then you have a lot of negative thinking going on which has to affect productivity.
So, how do we correct this societal problem? Part of the challenge is in the backgrounds of the workers. About 27% of people 25+years old hold a college degree or better. This means that nearly 75% of the working population have a high school diploma or less. This automatically categorizes most jobs into lower paying, low skilled labor positions which reduces the amount of control and creativity that can be used in the workforce.
Increasing education levels is one answer to the problem, but this is a slow build solution. On the job training and advanced educational opportunities is another on-going solution. Off shore manufacturing is taking away a lot of jobs and people are being forced to learn new skill sets or risk extinction. So, whether we like it or not, the labor force is going to have to advance educationally in order to survive in the rapid changes of our economy moving from manufacturing to service and higher levels of thought processing involved in the work. As this moves in this direction, people will hopefully start to connect their hearts with their brains and find work that likes them and they love going to each day. This is one way to start to reduce workplace stress.
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Monday, December 14, 2020

 The Secret of the Secrets!

It is downright annoying with all the so-called self-help gurus offering to sell you the next "secret" to life improvement- whether it be weight loss, peace of mind, financial rewards, stress reduction, better relationships, etc. We all know there are no "secrets" about anything. It just comes down to plain old common sense and "mind over matter."

The "secret" to weight loss has always been-take control of your mind and eat less and exercise more.

The "secret" to peace of mind is- take control of your mind and learn to meditate and practice mindfulness.

The "secret" to happiness is-take control of your mind and learn to love who you are and what makes you the happiest and just do it.

The "secret" to better relationships is-take control of your mind and learn how to defuse your ego

The "secret" to financial success is-take control of your mind and instill discipline.

All self help, which is 90% of all health improvement, boils down to personal discipline, self control and learning how to use the most powerful mechanism known to man-your mind. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people go through life listening to others or just cruising and never learn how to use this awesome device. They never take the initiative to learn how to program their greatest asset in life and therefore can never understand the absolute beauty, majesty, and power of mind control.

Think about it-You can lower blood pressure, improve immune system, generate body heat, lower breathing rate, heal wounds, increase immune system, and on and on. Monks have proven they can literally generate steam from wet towels placed on their backs in sub zero temperatures through meditation or mind control.
It just requires knowledge of the techniques, which are pretty much available anywhere on the web and a serious desire to learn and practice. Once you achieve control, you will be limitless!
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"It's amazing how good you can feel when your mind is in shape®"

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


New research confirms the demise of the old way of thinking, which was you lose your brain cells and mind expansion stops after time. Your brain and wiring are fixed. Not so.

'Brain plasticity' is the new mantra and it means your thoughts create new neuronal pathways to permanently change your mind. It is why psychotherapy works as well as drugs..they both change the way the chemicals and electricity flow in your mind, correcting 
flaws. Stress, anxiety, and depression can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy which will help you change your thinking and the way your see and perceive your world.

It sounds easy and inexpensive and it is. However, it takes personal commitment to spend the time and energy to apply these techniques which fights the 'pill' mentality in our society. The unbelievable long term benefits that can be accured from learning relaxation techiques and meditation are immeasurable. Yet, people opt for either doing nothing or selecting poor choices to combat stress and anxiety.

What needs to be done to educate folks to the new way of living a greatly improved mental state of mind? Why is there such resistance? It really does not make sense when you have the power to control your thoughts and feelings to the better and you choose to feel bad or zone out on drugs.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


The "Fight or Flight" response was first proposed by Walter Cannon in 1929. It basically states that all animals, when confronted with a stressful situation, will either fight the proposed threat or flee. 

Unfortunately, human beings (we animals) have unwittingly continued to increase our own stressful environments via constant communication, population growth, environmental degradation, etc. We keep our minds in a constant "fight" posture that drains our physical and mental resources.

Western civilization, (that's us again), has also embedded in our way of thinking an aggressive stance to life or it's injustices, by always wanting "to fight" to solve the issue at hand. We "fight" cancer, zoning ordinances, sports contests, extradition, city/state/US laws, job titles, child custody, and on and on. Everything seems to be a battle and we are in a perpetual defensive or offensive position-
The "Battle of the Bands", "Battle of the sexes"etc.

In the early days of civilization, people could move away from stressful situations or other people without much fuss. However, with our overpopulated and totally wired earth, we now have the ability to see and talk to anyone anywhere in the world, whenever we like. This supposed improved communication network has drastically reduced our options for fleeing. Matter of fact a recent study stated that the average person checks their cellphones over 150 times per day and on vacations.

Is it any wonder that we all are facing increased levels of self imposed stress which has led to "heart disease" as the number one killer of both men and women. Neuroscience experts believe humans have reached the upper limits of future physical brain expansion in our skulls and we are running "21st" Century software that continues to increase the need for a bigger brain. Physics will tell you that this convergence will create even more serious mental/physical issues with the increased stress levels.

So what to do? First, step back and evaluate your daily life patterns and see if you can find time to "detach" from it all. Take your vacation time with no communication devices. Learn how to relax both mentally and physically. Take a walk. Devote one day for yourself and do not watch tv, listen to radio, or talk on the phone/read text messages. Unplug for one day and see how better you will feel. Make it a habit because we are all in the fourth quarter of life and we know we will lose this game. So, relax and have fun.

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