Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stress Badge

A seasoned marketing veteran told us one time that people "wear stress as a badge".
This certainly makes sense and if you open your ears to folks around you, everyone is bitching about this or that in their lives. Because it is happening to them, they are the sole universe and people outside have no idea how hard it is to deal with their issue at hand. Unbeknown est to them, everyone is dealing with something and some have a ton of bricks on their backs.

Resiliency is the ability to have "issues" and to deal with them. Some folks have the innate ability, but the majority have to learn the lessons of resiliency training. Matter of fact, most people have created obstacles to resiliency with their learned patterns of behavior over time. For instance, when people walk away from problems, it was a learned behavior trait early in their lives that made this tactic easier to cope with problems. Unfortunately, in order to solve problems and reduce your load, you have to confront the issue and attempt to figure out a way to eliminate it from your issue list. This also leads to an accumulation of problems that could become overwhelming.

So, the lesson is the learn how to confront the issue and work out solutions so you can retire your badge. What are you doing about your problems? Do you have a constructive approach to define and resolve the issue? If not, then start the process. Don't let fear of failure or success stop you. It is an ongoing process that you will incorporate until the day you die. The better you become at it, the happier you will become and confident that you can achieve anything.

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