Sunday, September 4, 2016

Good and Bad Labor Day News!

The positive news on this annual US Holiday is that we have 2,900,000 more Americans working than 2 years ago and the unemployment rate has dropped 3.5% points to level out at 4.9% as of August 2016.

However, 36% of US workers still are suffering work stress related illnesses costing an estimated $40,000,000,000 in lost work day productivity. Work stress also plays a role in the 53% of workers who say they are “Unhappy” at their current job which could be supported by the fact that over 50% of workers have jobs at places that do not offer workplace health programs.

Whatever the reasons, there is a lot of needless stress being absorbed by US workers. As the economy improves, we do have more people working, but there are also more ill workers that need good health advice and support.

Hopefully, the proliferation of inexpensive “on-line” health promoting websites can absorb some of the need. And smaller companies, that traditionally do not provide health care insurance, will brainstorm ideas to help their workers deal with these challenges.

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