Thursday, June 21, 2007


"I've suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of them never happened." - Mark Twain

People have a real problem moving forward with their lives, mainly from the fear of change or moving out of their comfort zone. They project "what if" scenarios with most reflecting their negative programming thoughts deducing that the effort to change will end in failure or be too difficult. Whether it is exercise, dieting/weight management, or consciously thinking about their life or situation, it will be just too hard to change.

What they are really saying is that it is much easier to continue what they are doing (sitting, eating, denial,etc) and receive the repeated pleasure boosts from sugary foods, lack of angst from tuning out of the world, or just goofing around. Exercise requires effort, some pain initially, and discipline. So with diets and positive thinking. So, the bottom line is change is somewhat hard and takes concerted effort. You move out of one comfort zone into another with enough programming time. The new zone is better for you and will feel better once you get there, but alas, it takes time and effort. Two elements of life most people will not trade off to improve their situations to feel better, live better, and longer.

Go figure. Why is that? They say that if exercise could be dispensed into a pill, it would be the most prescribed medicine on earth. The problem is our Western society has worked hard to encapsulate life into a gadget/pill to make it easier and faster. We are programmed waiting for technology to solve our problems and help us lose weight, get healthy, and have great relationships.

Sorry, Charlie, it unfortunately does not work that way. It requires effort to change. Good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears. But, the payoff is immeasurable and permanent.

Rethink your position and get moving in the right direction. Take baby steps like reduce milk from whole to 2% to 1% to skim over time. This alone will lose weight and healthify your circulatory system.

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