Monday, January 25, 2021

 Stress Management is Personal Improvement!

Stress Management is all about personal improvement and one's motivation to change their lifestyle for the better. We all know we are all stressed out at work and home with money, relationship issues topping the charts for cause and effect.
To our surprise, the majority of folks wear their stress as a "badge" to let everyone else know how bad it is for them getting attention and sympathy. However, those that want to reduce stress and their life, will "get it" that it takes a major, personal commitment to engage in stress reduction activities.
Let's see, they involve getting exercise, eating right, learning how or taking the time to relax and detach, and changing their thinking. All of these take concentration, effort, trial and error, and long term change which is what the vast majority will not do. Why? Generally, because it takes effort and discipline which people do not want to engage in. It is much easier to watch tv than the walk or jog. A good hamburger and fries tastes a lot better that baked fish and greens.
So, the reality is that for the people of the world to reduce stress and learn how to life better and longer lives, they must pass the threshold of the benefit of short term pleasure to long term satisfaction. It is a process and needs to be ingrained into the fabric of your existence that planning the 4 step process of exercise, eating right, relaxation, and mind change is a life long pursuit that will pay off in spades. But first, you have to convince yourself!
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Monday, January 11, 2021

 Life is Tough-Relax!

We all learn how tough life can be with it's strange twists and turns and sometimes brick walls. It has a tendency to get your cortisol levels sky high. The adrenal glands, located on your kidneys, secret cortisol, called the "stress" hormone. It is involved in releasing glucose for proper blood sugar levels; immune function/inflammatory response; and regulation of glucose metabolism/blood sugar levels.

Cortisol is secreted at higher levels during stressful times or when you are in the "flight or fight response" mode. Higher and chronic levels in your blood help contribute to Impaired cognition; suppressed thyroid; blood sugar fluctuations like hyperglycemia; lower bone density; muscle tissue loss; increased blood pressure; reduced immunity and inflammatory responses; and a surge in abdominal fat, which is associated with a greater amount of health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body.

One of the basic tenets of stress management is know how to invoke the "relaxation response" in your body so your system can reduce the cortisol and return to normal. A low stress lifestyle or using some of the following techniques can help you cope:  Meditation, breathing exercises; yoga; guided imagery; exercise; self hypnosis; sex; journaling; and music.

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Monday, January 4, 2021


Blogging Stress!

It has been a while since we pontificated about stress on our blog although it has not been due to lack of being busy. We have been to China to set up some business relationships and have been developing new products and programs. As we have stated in the preface, we blog when the idea hits us, and in the little time we have had to post a blog, we quite frankly have been somewhat depressed over the unrelenting economy and the terrible effects it is having for all of us. It is akin to "piling on" in never stops punishing the average joe and even those that have assets.

We read an alarming statistic that over half of US households would not be able to raise $2,000 in 30 days if needed for an emergency! This is roughly 50 million households at 2.3 people per household or over a 100 million souls. Not only does this "pull the bark off" how fragile our American society is financially, but exposes the tremendous social issues we all will face when these persons do have an emergency or need for the money, and believe me they will at some time. Where do they get it? Borrow, steal, sell the house or personal items? It will affect us all.

Patience and resiliency are learned skills and require desire and discipline. Since we are a pill popping society, very few will invest in themselves to learn these mind/body skills in order to cope with the inevitable consequences of financial shortfalls. The longer the economy continues to languish, the more fortitude we will all need. We are experiencing the real life saga of the world economy coming together for the first time and the immediate consequences of each countries' actions or failures. Our new high speed stock market computers have programmed sophisticated mathematical formulas based on certain scenarios and are making money when the market goes up and down. Unfortunately, the average guy does not have this advantage and has to witness his fortunes gyrate with the market. The "wealth effect" from have your 401K or retirement savings has been deflated and is forcing modification of all plans from time of retirement to lifestyle choices. Those who do not have significant savings or 401K retirement plans, are even worse off. They can not count on retirement and are relegated to working until they pass away, if they can even keep or find a job for this unknown period.

It is all very disturbing and depressing for all of us. Maybe we are also seeing the "real" unemployment rate for the future, which is partly due to our ability to create automatic machines that can do our work for us. We do this in the name of convenience and productivity, but it has real life costs to our society that is adjusting our thinking on the "new" world economy.

So, what is one to do? First, get centered and pray to your higher power for guidance. Second, learn how to meditate and force yourself to walk or exercise while eating fruits and vegetables and low calorie meals. Learn cognitive behavioral skills and think positive, since there is always a path out of despair. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It will not go away by itself, but how you view it and how you respond is the only change that will be meaningful, even if the basic economic situation continues. Remember, study after study shows the poor and impoverished that have very little material wealth, but family and friends, are the happiest of humans on the planet.

It is all in your head waiting for the change only you can make. Do it and you will feel better, and if we are lucky, things will also get better. Either way, you will approach each new situation with a positive, can do attitude and increase your resiliency to better cope with the reality we have been given.
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