Monday, October 3, 2016

Laughter is free medicine-take it often!

Life events have you on the ropes? Then muster up a good laugh and you and your body will benefit immensely. Laughter will help your muscles relax, release endorphins (the feel good chemicals) which will help you feel better, and increase your immune cells for better anti-bodies warding off infection. At the same time, it will decrease your stress hormones. Add to that, it increases your oxygen rich air intake and aids your heart in better blood vessel flow.

For your mind, laughter helps you deal with life’s persistent challenges by giving you a better perspective and balance of the real situation. Laughing with others also helps build stronger bonds with your people connections and helps reduce negative emotions. Your mental weight or emotional state of mind will also be suspended.

All of this and more for free…what a bargain! Start on your path to more humor in your life with your gratitude for what you have and smile more by laughing at yourself. Try to be playful and seek out like- minded people and join their circle of friendship.

Ask yourself, is this situation really worth getting upset for you or someone else? Observe a few kids and you will see natural laughter at work. Don’t forget, you were a kid once and it helps to let your inner child come out and laugh with you. It is also contagious.

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