Monday, February 15, 2021

 Stress Management is Health Management

The four fundamental stress management principles we subscribe to are plain old health management principles. This may be why so many people claim to be stressed out and having health problems due to stress (41%), since very few practice these skills.
Exercise, proper diet/nutrition, relaxation, and cognitive change (right thinking) are the core stress management principles we coach and they are the same for healthy living and preventative maintenance. Stress management may emphasize the mind/body areas more since the mind controls all thoughts and feelings, but the approach is the same.
So, if you can be healthier and reduce your stress by applying this principles, why don't more people do them? We think people are just basically lazy and our entire western economy is based on developing products that make your life easier. Just take a pill or tune out. Divert your thinking and it will go away. Unfortunately, this will work in the short term, but without fail, will bring disaster to those that disregard this advice.
Think about people you know who all of sudden have discovered walking or proper diet/nutrition after their arteries were clogged or their heart stopped. They are now converts, but before, they could have cared less. But, even then, study after study shows that people who have had open heart surgery will not stop eating fatty foods. I know one that was close to me-my father. After his surgery, he continued to go to Hardee's to eat the sausage and egg biscuit, even knowing the exact calorie/fat content!
Behavior change is hard after a "wake up" call, but even harder when you have to have self motivation to begin a stress/health program.
Don't wait until the system stops or backs up on you. Get moving in the right direction because you will feel better, look better, and your system will run better and longer if you do. If you don't, then it is only a matter of time until you will get out your wallet and your crying towel with "what if" scenarios.
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Monday, February 8, 2021

 Financial Stress

The recent purge of sub-prime mortgages have left many in uncompromising positions were they can't afford their payments and are losing their houses or condos. The horror of losing your home you have worked so hard for and not knowing where you can live has to be the most devastating feeling in the world.
The aftermath of credit issues and potential bankruptcy continue to fuel anxiety and dread. Couple this with falling house prices have left people "upside down" on their mortgages wiping out their savings and leaving no financial security for the future.
What in the world can you do to relieve this constant pressure and embarrassment? As always, the regular four stool stress management approach is a steady stress reliever assuming you keep up the routine...exercise, eat right, mind/body relaxation exercises, and cognitive "re-thinking". Friends and neighbors are a big plus as you go through the wake of destruction. Local non-profit credit agencies can also help you sort out your finances and get you back on track. Believe it or not, try your local banker for guidance since the last thing they want is to take back your house and sell it on the court house steps.
Many of the fears are unfounded and a solid dose of reality thinking will help you calm down and adjust. Go to reliable sources for facts. Ask questions. Read as much as you can and find other people in the same situation and talk with them about what they are doing.
Many of these problems were created by greedy lenders trying to put people into loans they should have never assumed. Some are just bad mistakes by individuals stretching their finances to buy above their head. Whatever the reason, the stressful condition will still exist. The quicker you get out of the obligation and get back to a conservative financial position, the quicker you will start to feel more in control and have less stress.
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