Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Secret of the Secrets!

It is downright annoying with all the so-called self-help gurus offering to sell you the next "secret" to life improvement- whether it be weight loss, peace of mind, financial rewards, stress reduction, better relationships, etc. We all know there are no "secrets" about anything. It just comes down to plain old common sense and "mind over matter."

The "secret" to weight loss has always been-take control of your mind and eat less and exercise more.

The "secret" to peace of mind is- take control of your mind and learn to meditate and practice mindfulness.

The "secret" to happiness is-take control of your mind and learn to love who you are and what makes you the happiest and just do it.

The "secret" to better relationships is-take control of your mind and learn how to defuse your ego

The "secret" to financial success is-take control of your mind and instill discipline.

All self help, which is 90% of all health improvement, boils down to personal discipline, self control and learning how to use the most powerful mechanism known to man-your mind. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people go through life listening to others or just cruising and never learn how to use this awesome device. They never take the initiative to learn how to program their greatest asset in life and therefore can never understand the absolute beauty,majesty, and power of mind control.

Think about it-You can lower blood pressure, improve immune system,generate body heat,lower breathing rate,heal wounds, increase immune system, and on and on. Monks have proven they can literally generate steam from wet towels placed on their backs in sub zero temperatures through meditation or mind control.
It just requires knowledge of the techniques, which are pretty much available anywhere on the web and a serious desire to learn and practice. Once you achieve control, you will be limitless!
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"It's amazing how good you can feel when your mind is in shape®"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mind in Shape = Feel Good!

"It's amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape®" is our trademarked slogan for a good reason. When your thinking is balanced, positive, and incorporates good healthy attitudes, you will feel better-guaranteed!
Research has proven that the best anti-depressant drugs on the market are really no better than a placebo pill-all because you believe that the pills work! This is the awesome power of your mind's potential.
Psychotherapy is also more effective than pills or placebos with dramatically lower relapse rates. Therefore, thinking correctly actually changes the chemicals in your brain to reduce the depression or anxiety on a permanent basis helping you to feel much better.
Since depression and anxiety are your mind telling you that your thinking is not correct and needs changing, then the effort to make sure you are programming your mind correctly from the beginning is certainly the right thing to do. And if you do end up with either depression or anxiety symptoms, then getting the right counseling to make the correction is much faster and longer lasting than doing nothing or trying to alleviate the condition with pills.
So, what is the secret for getting your mind in shape? No secrets, just the basics-exercise, balanced diet, positive thinking and spiritual awareness.
Why not start now and use the most powerful health device known to man-your mind!
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