Friday, July 1, 2016

Your unopened gift to yourself!

 As far as we know, we are given two lives in this world. The first is the one we are born with, and the other is the one we make for ourselves. It seems logical that most of humanity wants to feel good and to improve their lot in life. The U.S. “Self Help” industry thrives on this want/need creating over $12 Billion in sales selling self-improvement products and programs covering mind, body and soul.

If you are in the 20% of people worldwide that have mental issues, from anxiety to depression, then the desire to overcome these feelings or conditions becomes paramount and complicates your work to conquer these issues before you move up into the self-improvement phase.

However, the point is that we all want to make ourselves and our conditions better, no matter how financially well off we may be. There are probably more “miserable millionaires/billionaires” than the “average Joes” that live pay check to pay check. Research has postulated that even impoverished people are happy. However, they are not happy about being poor and would love to improve their conditions of constant stress and anxiety about food, clothing and shelter. However, since their condition has not improved over the years with their constant struggles, they may have adjusted their thinking/actions to accept their condition and have learned to be happy with what they have or don’t have (This is arguably a self-improvement goal unto itself). It seems the value of family/community/friends is a strong component of their lives and contributes to their well-being, just as it does with wealthy people.

So, wherever you are in life, look on the “bright” side and do what you can to learn and improve your place in life. Once you start to get there, then you will begin to feel better and become a better person. It is truly a gift to yourself. You will marvel at how complex,beautiful and and mysterious life is as we all learn to co-habitat with the other 10-14 million life forms on our planet. When you start to get to this point, you will then have the capacity to help others less fortunate in their quest for life improvement.
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