Friday, July 6, 2007

Change the world!

Everyone of us lives in our "own little world" where we have created the reality that fits our personality and needs. We see the real world through filters of belief systems, prejudices, likes/dislikes, etc. So, to some degree, we are all different based on what criteria we have selected to view the real world.

The fact that constant change is a guarantee in life, we have to adjust to these changes, whether we want to or not. Those that bury their heads in the sand, can escape for awhile, but reality will eventually catch up with them. It is the anticipation that things will change, with or without us, marks the difference between a well adjusted individual, and those that refuse to grow up or realize they need to move with the flow.

And, we all have people we don't like or those we like who we wish would change their behavior or ways of doing or seeing things. However, the reality is you will not the change the other person, you will only be successful by changing yourself. If we all concentrated on our own self's to improve and change in a flexible manner, then much of the dissension and angst of living among other humans would dissipate.

To really change the world, you need to focus on yourself, not your fellow human being, friend, or family member. If they annoy you, change your thinking about them or the habit you despise.

Change your pattern of dealing with them when they begin to annoy you, whether it is spending less time around them, diverting the activity or environment, or just plain avoidance.

Try it. It works. And it can be applied to family, work, or social situations. You are the commander of your ship, so set sail for less choppy seas by concentrating on the wheel of your boat and not the other guy or girl.

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