Tuesday, June 12, 2007

80/20 Rule

We pretty much subscribe to the 80/20 rule where 20% of the people account for 80% of the action. This could be in health care where 20% of the population account for 80% of the expenses/procedures, due to the seriousness of their problems or in the office where 20% of the staff are producing 80% of the profits.

So if this follows in the people that are stressed out, then 20% account for 80% of the serious stress related issues generally leading to medical problems. Over 41% of people surveyed say that stress accounted for their physical problems in the last year. If this is so, then why are they not doing anything to reduce the stress or to prevent it?

The problem seems to be inertia and lack of direct physical accountability/feeling for the condition. Since stress is circulating negative hormones throughout the body, the impact is not felt until down the line when the organ or system ultimately fails or is damaged (immune system, heart, etc). How many people wake up to health only after the heart surgery, cancer, depression, etc? We would venture to say most.

This is unfortunate, but true and the effort is underway to educate and convince folks that prevention and resiliency training is the best way to live a full, healthy life that can help prevent major catastrophes from happening. Not only will you be in better health, you will feel better mentally and physically. Why not start today?

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