Friday, June 22, 2007


A lot of stress is generated by the limited "worldview" that people operate in. Some may see the world from an arch conservative, male dominated, catholic oriented society which would upset them to see women in leadership positions, abortion clinics, and nudist camps. Compare these folks to liberal, female lesbians, who believe in a universalist religion. They would retract from the military/industrial complex, current social rules, and Christianity.

Is either wrong? No. They were either brought up in a like environment or they learned and adopted their belief system. Nevertheless, they see their world everyday through these "filtered lenses" which affects how they think and behave. In a way, they would stress each other's group out just based on their respective beliefs.

So, how do we reconcile this so each can adjust to their own belief systems and worldview? Each's belief system is in place and only the individual can decide to change what they want to believe in. However, the world view can be expanded for each group that would provide for a greater understanding and compassion for the other.

The world view that sees all people inner-connected, valuing the same human drives and desires, living in the same world, trying to live peacefully and democratically, would help with the understanding. The universe is working as it should, magically moving in unison from the microscopic cells to the largest mammals on earth. It has been so since time immortal and we are all just renting space during our lifetimes to hopefully awe in it's magnificence and inspiration. Just focusing on this dynamic would leave little room for conflict and more openness to the fact that we all belong to the same race trying to just make it through the day with grace.

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