Monday, December 5, 2016

Happiness = Giving

During this holiday season make yourself happy by giving to the less fortunate which is a researched and proven fact.

In the journal Science, social psychologist Liz Dunn demonstrates that people's sense of happiness is greater when they spend relatively more on others than on themselves. In one survey of over 600 U.S. citizens, the research found that spending money on others predicted greater happiness whereas spending money on oneself did not, no matter what the income levels. In other words, even those with little money reported greater happiness when their spending on others, relative to the self, was greater.

Dunn conducted another study which gave College students an envelope containing money and told them that they either (1) had to spend the money on themselves before 5 p.m. that day or (2) had to spend the money on someone else before 5 p.m. Those who gifted for others were happier than those who gifted for themselves.

"Happiness does not come from material things, but rather from a deep, genuine concern for others' happiness" -Dalai Lama

The economy is getting better, unemployment is down, and people are increasing their financial resources, so there should be more wealth and opportunity to give. Find a great cause that you like and start the process of giving. It will be a great feeling and put a smile on other’s faces.

Who ever said money can’t buy happiness?
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Relaxation Programs should be a part of your daily exercise!

Whether you have a severe case of stress or anxiety or you just feel fine, relaxation programs should be a part of your daily exercise routine. They are very inexpensive and have no risks or side effects. Relaxation can reduce or eliminate some of the medications you may be using and helps you to keep a positive mind/body connection.

There are many techniques to consider including:
-Progressive Muscle Relaxation
-Autogenic Training
-Self Hypnosis
-Yoga/Tai Chi
-Guided Imagery

These relaxation techniques benefit you by lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and stress hormones. They will raise your blood flow in the major muscles and help relieve muscle pain/tension. The end benefit is improved mood, concentration and confidence.

What are you waiting for?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stress Less® this Thanksgiving

Our annual holiday is upon us and millions of people are traveling by air, train, bus, and car to celebrate this festive occasion that can be wrought with the normal stress and conflict among families. This year’s election is an added time bomb for dissension.

Unfortunately, there are an estimated 26-45% of the US population who do not have family to celebrate with and suffer the indignities of loneliness and isolation which can lead to mental and physical issues. It is a sad state of affairs and needs our attention since our population is growing older and couples, friends, and family will be dying leaving the living sometimes in isolation.

Life can be unfair and one of the best ways to face the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday seasons are to count your blessings for the family and social network you do have and to continue to seek out more people connections. Be nice and polite even if you have to grit your teeth, because we are all social animals that need to belong and connect with other humans to live a positive life.

Live well, eat well, and be well with your network of family and friends. It is just plain good for your mental and physical health.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What is wrong with America and our weight?

You would think in the country with the best medical systems and information about good health that the majority of us would be sensitive about being obese.

The stats are telling: More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese. More than 1 in 20 (6.3 percent) have extreme obesity. Almost 3 in 4 men (74 percent) are considered to be overweight or obese. The prevalence of obesity is similar for both men and women (about 36 percent).

Surely, everyone has heard or read that obesity is not good for your heart and can lead to diabetes and other maladies.

The simple solution is to eat balanced and proportioned meals and engage in regular exercise. But, it appears this is not working and the motivation is lacking. You are ok with the status quo because it requires no discipline, until that heart attack or diabetes hits you, and if you are lucky to live, you will probably start a weight reduction program, but that could be short lived also.

It is depressing to walk down the street and see how many people are truly overweight/obese. They are literally signing their own bad health or death warrant that will cost more in time and money to correct, if possible.

Think about how good you will feel when you do something good for your body and mind with weight loss and exercise a daily part of your life. You can exercise and lose weight with discipline. Let’s get going for yourself and loved ones.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Angst

Here we are, 24 hours from a new United States president, and it seems everyone in the world is in angst of the most contentious mudslinging campaign in US history. It is downright embarrassing for US citizens who deserve better candidates to lead our nation.

Neither side can really “win” knowing that all semblance of maturity and decorum were tossed out the window two years ago when the campaigning began in earnest. The lies, scandals, name calling, and innuendo were like two prize fighters going the full 10 rounds trying to demolish their opponents. Yet from the voter’s viewpoint, it was like two criminals exposing their intimate personal details and hoping they came out slightly ahead of their opponent. Utterly disgusting and unwarranted.
One can only hope that this universally observed and condemned behavior will create a more conscious and civil political system that will work for the common good to achieve a fair and just governmental process/system.

Whoever wins will need to make their first priority a nation healing civility campaign and lead the charge for cooperation and compromise in the Senate and House. Nothing in this campaign has a place in future US politics. Both the Democratic and Republican parties need to set up decency standards for all their members and have strict rules of conduct to avoid this embarrassment again.

It has been an extraordinarily stressful and anxiety riddled campaign that we all wish had never happened and hopefully will never happen again. This will also come down to the electorate to insist on new rules of conduct in the election and campaigning process and to hold their respective parties “feet to the fire”. The US has created its own “black eye” in this fight and needs to get involved to make sure we raise the bar on election politics and “negative” campaigning.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thinking is doing!

Although it may come as a surprise to you, you are the master of your universe that you elect to create by your thinking, Your thinking creates your feelings and your feelings create your life. Want to feel good and love your life-then start to think good thoughts and be positive.

Try this on for size. Visualize you are eating a fresh cut lime. Do you feel the sour taste in your mouth? Now, think about eating some sugar to dilute the sour taste. Feel the difference? The sugar taste will overtake the sour taste and change your feelings of sour vs. sweet. This can work on any issue you have and can always work in your favor if you think the right thoughts.

It is so simple it is a shame that the vast majority of people are not aware or just too lazy to learn how to control their thoughts and feelings. It will cost nothing and return significant dividends.
Start to control your life for the better and begin your own self improvement program by working on your positive thoughts which will begin to change how you feel and how you live your life.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Presidential Stress!

According to a recent Pew Research Poll, over 55% of the American Electorate are experiencing stress and anxiety about the upcoming Presidential Election, saying they were “disgusted”. Even worse, over 70% said Trump would make them nervous, if elected, and over 50% for Clinton.

My, what a lovely mess we have gotten ourselves in! It is hard to believe that with all the talented people we have in the US that Clinton and Trump are the best we can put forward for the next Presidency. And with these high numbers of disapproval, it only gets worse once the new President is in office.

So, the majority of us are going to be disappointed with whoever wins and if Trump gets in, watch out Military, because he could get us into to some serious trouble globally with his “off the cuff” remarks.

What are we supposed to do about this? Are we to live in constant stress and anxiety for the next four years? Do we now start our routine presidential stress management programs to help defend us and cope?

What we need to do is just be good Americans and “keep our cool”. Since we create our own stress with our thoughts, the best strategy is to “rethink” our feelings and just let them go. We will not help ourselves or others once the newly elected President takes office. We will not change anything once that happens.

However, it is imperative that each person support the candidate of their choice and to vote. Once that is done, our work should be devoted to finding  capable people to represent this great country.

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